January 23, 2010

Celtic music group a hit at hotel Boca de Iguanas

BOCA DE IGUANAS, Jalisco, Mexico - The Celtic trio of Myranda O'Byrne, Michael Price, and Admiral Sylvia Fox put on a one-hour show Friday afternoon for about 40 in the beachfront bar of the hotel Boca de Iguanas.

While they played, Jimmi Jorgensen and his bartender worked like mad to keep up with the margarita orders.

What a combination - tequila, lime and Irish music.

The songs were all lively and while no one jumped up to do any Irish jigs - or dance a reel - there was plenty of toe-tapping.

The event was part social, and part fund-raiser, for a project to raise money to purchase some guitars. The guitars will eventually be used by Myranda to teach music to children at the Pink Flamingo in Arroyo Seco, where Laura Warner started teaching her English classes this week.

Friday's one-hour gig netted 700 pesos for the project.

Sylvia and Myranda
Sylvia and Myranda

Girls at the Boca bar
Celtic trio fans at Boca

Tonight the trio will be playing at the open mic night at Palapa Joes in La Manzanilla and returns to Boca in two weeks for another gig, and fund raiser.

There is some talk of a few audience participation songs by the trio, too.

No matter what, get to Palapa Joe's early to get a seat.

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