January 13, 2010

More work, more noise, more dinero as the walls get beautified...

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The workmen arrived this morning right at 8 a.m., trowels and shovels and chisels at the ready as they continued working on smoothing out the walls here at the Pink Flamingo.

The electrician appears to be done with his work - except for pushing the connections into the boxes. But instead of risking popping a circuit breaker (or zapping myself), I pressed my trusty Honda generator into work today to keep la luz working until he gets back from his lunch.

Honda generator at work
Honda generator getting its first 2010 workout

The generator was one of those pieces of equipment I agonized over purchasing before leaving the states two years ago. It was relatively costly - $860 U.S. - and Admiral Fox and I knew we already had electricity on site.

Who needs a genset when you have CFE?

That said, I am soooooooo glad I bought it - and have it. Last year it was cranked up a dozen times as we had semi-regular power outages as work was done on the trunk lines coming into the ranch.

And as we look at doing work on other Arroyo Seco lots, I think it will come in quite handy again.

Go little Honda...

Mud walls
Slapping on the mud

What little organization we had here before this was started has given way to a landscape of sand, concrete, wheelbarrows, wire, electrical junctions boxes and assorted tools all over the property.

But the likelihood is that the walls will be done by Saturday.

Just in time to start some painting, I suppose.

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