January 10, 2010

Two days of heading to the beach - and 'serious' boogie boarding

ARROYO SECO,  Jalisco, Mexico - For two days in a row (a record of sorts) the Admiral and I all but suspended our work schedule around the Pink Flamingo property to go to the beach.

Saturday, we went to our own Playa Chica here in Arroyo Seco with Chief Education Officer Laura, two friends of hers from Canada (Henry and Maureen) and our amigos Randy and Karin from Northern California. The non-Arroyo Seco folks are staying in La Manzanilla.

We set up a base camp on the beach. (Note to my dermatologist: please check out our shade structure).  Henry and Maureen tried surfing, while Randy and I did our best to boogie board without getting pulled out to sea by a pretty strong rip tide. The waves were huge, too.

Beach camp at Playa Chica
Base camp at Playa Chica in Arroyo Seco

Laura and Maureen
Maureen and Laura

Sunday, Laura, the Admiral and I met up with the same group out at Tenacatita for snorkeling and then boarding riding. They came by car, we roared in from Arroyo Seco on the quad (a half-hour ride) skimming along the beaches to Fiesta Mexicana.

At Tenacatita, the waves were less exciting, but the boogie-boarding still excellent as the video of Henry and Randy shows.


VisitLaManzanilla said...

I love beach days! We had one yesterday, it was a real treat!

slamont said...

Nice shade, Captain.