November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving in La Manzanilla - with Lora Loka

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - After days of spotty internet access (ok, and lots of beach time, swimming, surfing, cervezas and, and, and ...) the Admiral and I wandered into Palapa Joe's for lunch today and dragged the computer to make this quick posting.

We will be here again tonight for open mic night, performing three songs - four if the people are too loaded to count how many we have done, or to ask us to sit down. It won't be The Four Headlamps, but we will struggle through anyway.

Thanksgiving Day we went to Lora Loka's beachside restaurant on the main street of town, a favorite of Chief Engineer Scott Noble and Chief Counsel Jennifer Coleman-Noble when they are in town. Several places had T-Day dinners, including Willie here at Palapa Joe's, but we opted for Lora's when several amigos said they were heading there.

In addition to good food and company (thanks in large part to table mates Linda Mandala, her husband Yellow Bear, and our new amiga Colleen) Laura Loka offered up a traditional song at the end of the meal. The video of that extravaganza is below.

More blogs next week on our wild days in Puerto Vallarta, La Manzanilla and Arroyo Seco when we are back on the ground in the states.

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