April 23, 2009

Checking out that crashing sound - the waves on the beach

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The Admiral and I were in the middle of our morning routines today, when the sound of the crashing surf - nearly a mile away - shook us out of routine reverie and we walked down to see what all the, well, crashing, was about.

With Samba in tow (the dog who is taken care of by our surfer-dude amigo Julien part of the winter), we marched down, noting that we could see the spray from the waves a good half-mile off.

We were rewarded with a beach covered with water, a combination of a high tide and 10-15 foot waves smashing the sand.

Big waves
Big waves keep on coming

The sound was pretty incredible and there wasn't a lot of space to walk without getting our shoes wet. Yes, we were on a beach. Yes, you should expect to get your feet wet. But, no. I wear hiking boots on such day hikes and don't care for getting them soaking and squeaking for the mile-walk back to the Pink Flamingo.

Sanders and Pat Lamont have left us for the bright lights of La Manzanilla where they are staying at the beautiful seaside casa owned by Kate Fisher. After a week of the down-home, country life of Arroyo Seco, I think they are probably ready for some night life beyond the four of us sitting around the bar at the Flamingo, drinking Spanish wine and playing some music.

Of course, we are plotting a couple of forays into La Manzanilla while they are there this week: lunch at Palapa Joes, dinner at Figaro's, breakfast at Cafe Risa. And maybe even dragging the sailing dinghy over to the Tenacatita Bay beach for a trial run with the sail rig.

The dinghy - named the Captain's Gig - passed the float test in the laguna a few days ago and is ready for sea trials since repairs were done in Sacramento by Sabbatical's Chief Engineer Scott Noble. Captain's Gig has sailed in San Francisco Bay, around San Diego, in the Sea of Cortez and all along the Mexican coast from Mazatlan to Zihuatenejo.

A sailing day does mean taking time off from watering the grass here in Arroyo Seco and tending to our many plants (not to mention the various dogs under the Admiral's care).

"Your orders, Captain?"

Get ready to make sail!

Green grass of Arroyo Seco
The green, green grass of Arroyo Seco

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