April 21, 2009

Getting the Pink Flamingo ready for the storms of summer

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - In the U.S., it is in the fall when most people start buttoning up everything in anticipation of winter storms - rain, wind and maybe snow, depending on your latitude.

But here in subtropical Mexico, we button up, tie down and lash in the spring, in anticipation of summer storms which can bring torrential rains and winds. Even the tail end of tropical storms and hurricanes have been known to cause trouble.

The winds of the last few weeks pointed out the weak spots in our defenses, most of which we knew about.

But the valves on the water tanks - plastic, PVC things - proved susceptible to the movement of the connecting pipes, springing a leak one day.

Luckily, have owned many boats, dealing with leaks and errant water is one of the few areas of expertise I have. (Please don't ask me to work on regular home plumbing however... or paint anything.)

This morning my plumber (notice the my plumber, it's because I am keeping his family well fed with our projects) swapped out the valves for the water tanks amid much spraying. But now I have solid copper pipes and valves in place of the plastic.

Chena and Chon - who will watch the house while we are gone this summer - will rest easier and not have to listen for a 1,000 gallon mini-Niagara Fall.

Water tank after
Water tank with new copper valve and air vent

Ready, set, WATER

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