April 20, 2009

A boating trip in La Laguna - birds, fish, but no crocodiles

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - Since arriving in December, I have wanted to check out the vast lagoon that borders the El Tecuan Hotel property, as well as the connecting rivers and channels that go all the way from here to La Veina and eventually the sailboat anchorage in Tenacatita Bay.

But today neighbor Chon convinced me to break out our two kayaks and rowboat for an expedition to the lagoon, a lagoon full of fish, with tons of birds, and as I can attest, some water snakes.

The locals say there are some crocodiles in the water, but not to worry, the biggest ones are much closer to Tenacatita Bay.

That was reassuring as I paddled in a kayak three inches off the surface of the water.

La laguna near Arroyo Seco

The Google Earth satellite shot above does not do justice to this body of water. The island in the middle is quite large, but didn't seem to have any easily accessible spots for me to climb out of my kayak to explore.

Capt. Sanders Lamont, Chon, and his son Danni were members of the expedition, in the rowboat and our second kayak. We checked out much of the shoreline but had to battle some very strong winds to get back to where we had parked the truck.

(NOTE TO EXPEDITION LEADERS: Don't go too far downwind in a kayak.)

On my next foray, I will grab the kayak that is dry inside so I can carry my cameras. Today I could barely keep the splashing water out of my open beer can.

Chon and the barbecue
Linda Mandala, the Admiral and Chon with the 'new' barbecue

Before we headed out on the lagoon expedition, neighbors Chena and Chon cooked us a fabulous meal of fresh fish - on a grill Chon made out of some extra bricks I had on the property. The fish was part of a mini-cooking seminar Chena has been putting on for Pat Lamont and Admiral Fox. Yesterday, the lesson was on making enchiladas - from scratch.

I believe I was still a little stuffed from yesterday's lesson when we started gulping down fish hot off the grill today.

Fish on the grill
In 15 minutes - comida

Most mornings start with chores like watering, laundry and sweeping the ever-dusty palapa. But two days ago we came out to a very pleasant surprise - our very-sick dog (Capitan) had walked from his house on the hill down to the Pink Flamingo, wandering in through our open gates.

He was hungry - a good sign. But he also seemed genuinely happy to see us, not just the food.

His progress has been remarkable and those of us who though he was a lost cause are having to eat our words.

At least in-between bites of enchilada and fresh fish.

Capitan comes a callin'

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peachland said...

Oh he seems so much better and he knows where you live and yes he was happy to see you!Thank you for helping him,I have seen several blogs now which show people volunteering with the spay and neuter clinics,the next time I winter in Mexico I will be happy to help with that!

Take care