April 9, 2009

Sparks fly as doors are installed on showers and banos

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The long-awaited metal door frames - which replace the shower curtains that were temporarily in place for two months on our two showers and bathrooms - arrived last night, just ahead of the Holy Days that are shutting down all work in the village and all around Mexico.

The exception to that shut down is the work we seem to continue to keep doing here at the Pink Flamingo. Maybe we can take Good Friday off and go to the beach with the rest of this nation.

The metal door frames are going to be covered in the center this year with a simple cloth material, once I get the right size screws for the door frames (Arrrgghhhhh). There are rumors that next year there will be more sophisticated filling, such as bamboo or woven materials. We'll see how the cloth fairs over the summer.

I'm just happy to have a door that shuts instead of a curtain that would blow up and wrap around me when I took a shower. And forget calm moments contemplating the universe while perched on the toilet.

door frame in
Metal frame with wood installed

We made one tiny tactical error today as we installed some temporary frame coverings (the old shower curtains). We locked the doors from the inside and once the shower curtain material was safely installed, well, someone had to crawl underneath the doors to unlock them.


Michael crawling
Michael crawling into the bano

The highlight of the night before though, was watching the welder hook up his machine to our electrical box. He took the cover off and simply popped two wires across our 220-volt line, something he apparently does everywhere without serious incident.

At least he didn't report any serious incidents to me.

Our electrical service survived the experience, and so did the welder.

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