April 16, 2009

Coconuts fly, trailer awning rips in the high winds

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The winds have finally slowed down (at least this morning) leaving some damage around the Pink Flamingo.

The awning on the original Grey Goose Express let go in the high winds, though later inspection showed the awning was due for replacement anyway. More of a concern are the trees full of coconuts, perching precariously over our solar water heater. It's high on this week's agenda to get someone to scale the tree and get those aerial bombs down before they crack a water heater tube - or go through our roof.

In the meantime, Admiral Fox has been being a veterinarian to a neighbor's dog with serious anemia, skin disease, parasites and malnutrition.

The dog, named Capitan (Is there some irony here?) is improving dramatically with just four days of anti-biotics and good chow. The Admiral has been cooking chicken and rice to serve El Capitan and his buddy dog named Paloma. Paloma is blind, but can smell the food quite well and jumps all over both the Admiral and I when we arrived with comida.

The Admiral doses El Capitan with his drugs and food three times each day. Yesterday we gave him a bath, which the Admiral will likely describe in some detail in her blog later.

Capitan on ground eating
El Capitan - too weak to stand to eat at first

Our amigos Sanders and Pat Lamont arrived from the cold mountains of Northern California late Wednesday, meaning that a musical reunion of The Four Headlamps is in the wings for the two weeks while they are here. Last night - after a quick stop in La Manzanilla at Palapa Joe's to hydrate - we all attended a birthday party of neighbor Danni who turned 17. His family and most of his uncles, aunts and cousins came for a fiesta of tostadas and pozole. As part of his own birthday party, Danni put on a little keyboard concert and then had his birthday cake - complete with the cake-in-the-face-smash, perpetrated by his uncle Carlos.

We were asked to have The Four Headlamps do a number or two, but we begged off, hoping to get in a little practice before we attempt to make music in public.

Danni smiles with cakes
Danni with his two cakes

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