April 4, 2009

The Great Sod-On Project in Arroyo Seco is complete

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - It was a loooong four days, but that was all The Great Sod-On Project took from start to finish. That included going to buy the bricks and concrete, digging for the retaining areas, bringing in topsoil and Friday, picking up three big truckloads of sod and, finally getting it down on the ground.

Oh, and watering. Lots of watering.

And that was all accomplished with three or four guys working, depending on what others things were going on in the village.

Finished product - sod on!
The finished product

The transformation from dustbowl to green was so dramatic, people in the village stopped by the gate and peered in to ooooh and aaaah. The children are dying to come in and run around on the grass ... Maybe later, right now the priority is water, water, water while the sod puts down some roots.

We have the only grass area in the village. Our amigos Jim & Vicki (who live out on the beach) have some sod in place, too. In fact, it was their sod that gave us the idea to cover up the ground with grass. But we had about a square meter left over which we gave to neighbor Chon - who supervised the entire project. With Chon's talents with plants and all things flora, I suspect he will have a lush lawn at his house in no time.

Prepared for the sod
Preparing for the sod

Loading the sod to deliver
Loading up the sod

The piece de resistance was when Chon's son Danni arrived with a trailer loaded with water tanks. In a few minutes, the entire 2500 liters was splashed on, giving the sod a good start.

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