April 8, 2009

Three days of painting and Voila! - a colorful bodega and banos

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The speed with which the weeks are flying by - before the Admiral and I fly back to New York - is astounding. But so is the speed with which projects are being completed.

The Great Sod-On Project was done in four days. And thanks to the hard work of our amigo Francisco and his nephew Danni, the bodega, banos and showers are all a lovely yellowish-gold color - in just three days.

Danni and Francisco
The proud painters

Finishing touches
Putting on the finishing touches

Painting new concrete requires application of a sealer, then some primer and finally the paint itself. To be sure that the yellowish-gold buildings remain, well, yellowish-gold, the Admiral insisted on a second coat, which went on very fast. By 7 p.m. Tuesday, the job was done, within the three-day time frame Francisco insisted it could be finished.

We had our doubts about that, but hoped for a miracle.

The other miracle - besides the speed - is that this is Easter Week, generally a vacation time for families. We were very lucky to get our amigos to do the work... As they left last night, they were laying plans for the balance of Holy Week - and it did not include any more painting projects for anyone.

The morning sprinkler and sacate
Soaking the grass before the sun gets high in the sky

The photo above shows the bodega, sans pintura, and also the sprinkler hard at work, soaking the new sod. Before I turn on the sprinkler, I go around soaking the sod by hand to make sure all the edges are wet. The evenings have been cool - below 70 degrees even! - and so the morning dew helps with getting some moisture down.

Will the sod take root and become a great place to place bocce? It should, and probably today neighbor Chon will come over with another trailer of 2000 liters of water to give it a good dousing.

And as I was out working this morning, watering by hand, I started dreaming of an automatic sprinkler system - the next project after Easter I suppose, along with several loads of gravel for the driveways and walkways.

Wanna iguana?
A neighbor surveys the painting project

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