January 20, 2010

All school, all the time at the Pink Flamingo in Arroyo Seco ... sort of

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The last few days have been a whirlwind of educational activity at the Pink Flamingo.

First, we had an afternoon and evening cooking class, taught by neighbors Chena and Chon. The couple got four of our gringo amigos working hard on preparing a great taco dinner, with all the attendant sauces and fillings. They eventually fed a group of probably 20 people. And they learned their lessons well.

No one went home hungry Saturday. And not much was left over for the next night's dinner either.

I know that for a fact...

But the classes that started Tuesday were less aimed at the belly and more at the head, as Chief Education Officer Laura Warner began teaching English to a small cadre of Arroyo Seco children. She left her teaching position in Canada - where she taught French and Spanish - to spend the spring at the Pink Flamingo teaching English.

Oh, and she is squeezing in some surfing, swimming, quad-riding, snorkeling trips, too, and, and, and...

Teachers get to have fun, too.


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