January 12, 2010

From boogie-boarding to the sounds of construction in Arroyo Seco

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - In 12 hours, we went from a quiet little enclave, mostly interested in how to get sand out of shoes to the middle of a massive construction zone.

At 8 a.m., neighbor Chon arrived with a crew to begin a stucco-the-wall project that is expected to take all week. At 9 a.m. Rodrigo the plumber arrived, ready to install the new copper piping for the water system.

And shortly after 10 a.m., the electrician arrived and began yanking wires and redoing power on one side of the property.

As the joke goes, 'Coffee break is over, back on your heads...'

That said, the plumber might get done today, the electrician is waiting for the trench to be dug to put things underground and a huge shipment of cement has arrived to slap up on walls to seal them.

Progress, progress.

Using head to carry cemento
Using his head

Cement pool
Cement mixing

Laura's condominio
Laura's condominio from the roof of the bodega

As much as I enjoy being in the middle of all this concrete dust, noise and chaos, (Note to readers: That was sarcastic, in case you were dozing), I am going on a foray south tomorrow (and away from the property to get some warranty work done, shop for groceries and hardware, and pick up brother-in-law David at the Manzanillo Airport.

Maybe it will all be done when we return in the evening.


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