January 23, 2009

One day off the projects and a chance to hit the beach

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - The Admiral came back from Puerto Vallarta late Wednesday with a truckload of goodies: a new refrigerator, a washing machine, doors (to make tables and a bar) along with a dozen other smaller items.

Oh yeah. And a kitchen sink. Really. A kitchen sink.

But by early Thursday morning, the Admiral and I were completely burned out on projects and after plugging in the refrigerator (and loading it with cerveza) we made a run to the Tenacatita beach for margaritas, rollo de mar, and some swimming.

Mario and Michael swimming
Mario and Michael pose for the Admiral's camera

The beach was much quieter than it had been during the Christmas holidays, though our favorite spot, Fiesta Mexicana, was packed with tourists from several resorts to the south that have less desirable swimming beaches.

Listening to the people playing bocce ball, I picked up a weird melange of comments in English, Spanish, German, French and Canadian.

Yes, Canadian is English. Yes, it was a little different than the English being spoken by the people from New England.

Bocce on the beach
Bocce on the beach

The afternoon also showed that while tourism might be down in Mexico, the tourists who have come are definitely enjoying themselves. Some seem to be saving money by not buying bathing suits that require a great deal of cloth to make.

With any luck - and a willingness to forego projects - the Admiral and I will get back out to the beach (perhaps here in Arroyo Seco), this weekend.

Thong Bikini at Tenacatita II
Enjoying the sun at Tenacatita beach

Riding the wild surf with a bikini audience
Riding the wild surf

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