January 19, 2009

Sunday in La Manzanilla: sailboats, the beach and a baptism

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - All of the good photos - and a movie - of the baptism Sunday of our God child Devani are safely on the Admiral's camera in Puerto Vallarta, so I will only say that I attended my first Catholic Mass Sunday in 40 years - and not a single lightning bolt struck anywhere near the church.

(A few hours later a electrical transformer outside the church did explode with an incredible bang, but I was safely away at the fiesta celebrating the baptism.)

Sitting through the entire Mass, then going through the sacrament of baptism as a new padrino, was very interesting, in good part because my Spanish is good enough to understand a lot, but not everything.

I am sure though, that at one time during the priest's sermon, he used the Spanish equivalent of the word 'fornicate' repeatedly - as in don't...

When I have some pictures to post, I'll write more about the whole day - or more likely Adm. Fox will tap the keys from Vallarta and give a full description.

In between the church service and at grand fiesta at Devani's grandmother's house, (only 200 yards from the church), Adm. Fox, our Arroyo Seco neighbor Brianda, a French amiga Miriam, and I headed to the beach for a hour to decompress from the padre's sermon and ceremony.

The beach was full of sun worshippers, the water full of swimmers and while we sipped cold drinks, cruising sailboat zoomed past and dropped anchor.

Quite a Sunday, all in all.

Sailing by La Manzanilla
Sailing to La Manzanilla

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