February 4, 2012

BlogPress returns, which means photos can go up again...

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco - By what divine intervention I don't know, but suddenly BlogPress came back online on my iPad and so...

I think if I ever have a long enough time I will write a full report on what it is like using an iPad as a primary computer.

The jury is still out, except on the weight issue - the iPad weighs so little I can carry it all day and not worry about it. This particular blog is being written outside of the Internet cafe here because the floor is being mopped.

It will be great to get my own connection at the Pink Flamingo so I can sit in the shade, sip tea (or other beverage) and write from there. Perhaps by Monday night - provided I can set up the Tel-Mex modem without incident.

This afternoon amigos Randy and Karen, Greg and Joni and cousin Lynn are going to descend on the village for a look at things. By then, granddaughter Sasha, her mother, and Sylvia will return from their La Manzanilla crocodile tour.

I told Sasha to be careful at the water's edge. A three-year-old would make a nice snack for those huge bull crocs in the La Manz laguna.

Randy and Karen and Lynn are staying in condo just up behind the Catholic Church in La Manz and have a commanding view of the bay - and the new neon cross that lights up the sky at night.

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