February 10, 2012

A rainy day in Arroyo Seco - no, really - rain!

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - We sat on a terrace overlooking Tenacatita Bay last night, remarking how the huge thunderclouds in the distance would have spelled rain for sure in upstate New York, smugly thinking that the clouds held nothing for us.

We were so wrong.

A few hours later, as we returned from a great dinner in La Manzanilla at Figaro's restaurant the rain began, with a slow pitter patter, followed by a little harder pounding.

And it rained all night and into this morning.

As I write this, the power has been knocked out (a very common occurrence when it rains) and the wind has started blowing, probably signaling that a high pressure weather front is moving through. It has already blown the lid off my water tank (which means climbing on the roof of the bodega) and sent other loose stuff flying about the property.

And when the sun does come back out, we can look forward to a serious blast of humidity and in a day or so, mosquitos.

Adm. Fox and Karen and Ginny have headed into La Manzanilla to the market there that on Friday sells all kinds of items: clothing, jewelry, even bootlegged DVDs of first-run movies in the U.S. Mike Schamel and I stayed behind - he's on the beach helping repair the fence around a turtle hatchery while I catch up on various writing projects, and, I suppose, getting my ladder out and replacing the airborne water tank lid.

The village farmers are ecstatic about the rain - it means their crops are likely to get a good boost. Rainwater seems to make things grow faster than well water for some reason.

On to the projects!

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