February 16, 2012

A day at a resort hotel with California and NY amigos

BARRA DE NAVIDAD, Jalisco, Mexico - We caught up with amigos Roger and Di Frizzelle of the sailing vessel Di's Dream Wednesday at a fabulous marina/hotel, just across the channel from Barra de Navidad.

When cruising Sabbatical, the Grand Bay Hotel was one of our favorite stops, particularly because of the great pools, food, and service.

It hasn't changed all that much, though I did not have my favorite drink, a cocktail called a 'ballena.'

Karen and Mike Schamel went with us and the six of us had a great lunch, followed by hot tub time. And then there was some slide action and a visit to the famous swim-up bar, too.

Roger and Di will be sailing back up to Tenacatita Bay in a week or so for a sailing regatta and in the course of conversation, we were invited to tag along as crew!

It will be a great warmup for the Banderas Bay Regatta which runs at the end of March. It's entirely possible that Lotus - with Captain Clarence - will be around, too, so perhaps we will be able to get in some practice for the BBR.

The weather cooperated nicely, too, with some overcast. That meant my slightly sunburned skin won't be getting any redder - at least not until we go to Sayulita in a few days for some surfing, swimming, and shopping.

OH-MY-GOD! I forgot to mention the big news!

Big news! Notices grandes!

The ribbon cutting (or whatever it is called here) was held Wednesday for the paving of the 1.6 km. road from Highway 200 to el centro of Arroyo Seco. And the surveyors have actually started putting in stakes.

It could be our little town is about to change - very fast.

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