February 5, 2012

Seeing Angels right here in Nuevo Vallarta

NUEVO VALLARTA, Nayarit, Mexico - Admiral Fox and I barreled up Highway 200 today, leading a two-car caravan with Sasha and her mother right behind us all the way into Vallarta from Arroyo Seco.

Sasha and Camelia came down for a long weekend and by all measures, had a great time.

Sasha sleeping in the hammock with Grandma.

Sasha and Grandma head out to the beach on our quad.

We have a handful of errands to do here in the big city, including getting new photos for our Mexican visas (called an FM3).

We have been to two Walmarts and a Sam's Club (all of which normally do these photos). But no joy. Both Walmarts have machines not working and Sam's Club pleaded total ignorance that the photos were ever done in their shops.

Que lastima! Santo Crappo.

We did make it over to the aeropuerto just in time to pick up Ginny French of Boston, an amiga of Sylvia's from Corning College and who is coming to Arroyo Seco for a week of fun in the sun. She will be joined by our other amigos, Karen and Mike Schamel on Tuesday.

But we took Ginny right in for lunch from the airport - to Napolitos, of course, in the Paradise Village Mall. And yes, that's a margarita in Adm. Fox's hand...

Adm. Fox and Ginny at Napolitos in the Paradise Village mall

In our quest for photos today, we did have one quasi-miraculous encounter - at a Telcel cellular store of all places.

I have been reading an Anne Rice book about the life of Christ (she does write some things that don't have vampires in them) and also having an ongoing dialogue with a writer amiga from Sayulita about everyday miracles and the likelihood that angels really do exist.

I am not sure the young ladies in the photo below qualify exactly, but still, it was fun getting my photo taken. Angels, right there in the Telcel store.

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Randy Crutcher said...

Yes, there are angels everywhere in every form, some even disguised as the devil sometimes. May your formalities get done and your informalities continue to be fun. Viva Arroyo Seco, viva the admiralty and captaincy. Thanks again for the great tutorial with this technology and its vagaries Don Miguel.