February 11, 2012

Rainy day II in Arroyo Seco - and the mud piles up

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - We were awakened for the second night in a row by rain, this time accompanied by strong winds out of the south.

It reminded me of being anchored in Tenacatita Bay aboard Sabbatical and having the same thing happen some years back. One minute, you are in a paradise-like anchorage, the next, looking at a lee shore and hoping that your anchor is going to hold.

Last week we sold the Grey Goose Express I! Right now, it is in the possession of amigo and surfer dude Julian who is renovating it and will put it on his Arroyo Seco property as temporary housing.

He had asked to buy the Grey Goose for years and we caved in this year and sold it to him.

In an hour or so, we will hop in the car with Mike and Karen Schamel of Hector and head south to Barra de Navidad and other points to see what there is to see on a rainy day. I haven't been to Barra since the hurricane and want to see what's left. Barra sustained a lot of damage from ocean surge - even losing a landmark restaurant called Seamaster's. Plus we will make a stop at the miracle store.

I'll explain another time.

In the meantime here in el rancho Arroyo Seco, the rain has soaked the ground and what was at first a nice respite from dusty streets is turning those streets into mudpies - serious mudpies. Inside the compound we now have a growing lake and even the chickens have taken cover.

Sylvia wearing her handmade Mexican raincoat...

The forecast is for clearing Sunday (we hope) and a return to normal sunny beach life. In the meantime we have been assembling rain gear for our Barra adventure.

More on Barra de Navidad, the miracle store, and how to make raincoats out of plastic bags later.

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SnoresLikeBuffalo said...


Did a google search on ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico, and Google says you're in Guadalajara. Did you drive the Grey Goose down, this time?

Have a safe trip!