February 19, 2012

Leaving Sayulita for a day in San Pancho

SAN FRANCISCO, Nayarit, Mexico - The surf village of Sayulita was having its annual Sayulita Days this weekend - something we didn't know when we decided that we would spend three days here.

And today, while a parade marched through town and the music roared, we roared ourselves, up the highway to the nearby Pueblo of San Pancho, which by comparison was deserted.

Before we left though, we went to the beach to check out the paddle board surfers who were enjoying the waves and hundreds of tourists who all seemed to be enjoying the colder weather.

In San Pancho, parking was easy and for some reason, it seemed actually a little warmer than it was in Sayulita.

Go figure that one.

There was tourist activity and the beach merchants - including a fellow who offers horseback riding - were doing a good business.

We hope that tomorrow we might have granddaughter Sasha Fox with us here in Sayulita, or back up in San Pancho.

She would have loved all the kids running around the beach today.

Perhaps manana...

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