February 13, 2012

Road trip! Admiral, Captain and crew heading to Sayulita

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - After several weeks here in Arroyo Seco, we decided to take a vacation to Sayulita, a not-so-small town north of Puerto Vallarta famous for surfing and at one time home to the author of the book 'Gringos in Paradise.'

Mike and Karen Schamel fly out of Puerto Vallarta Tuesday for the reaches of upstate New York and home. But before that, we will spend three days checking out the surfing, restaurants and famed nightlife.

Adm. Fox and Karen are already talking about salsa dance lessons for one of the nights.

Me? I'm taking my boogie boards and hope to not smash my toes on a rock like I did the last time I was there. It's a great surf beach but I am not sure I'll give that a try...

We will be staying at place call Casitas Tortugas in the penthouse. They don't call it the penthouse, but it is the top floor, has great verandas overlooking the town and is barely two blocks from the surf.

I'd call it a penthouse.


Tonight the Pink Flamingo is having its first social event (and likely its only social event) by hosting the folks staying on the beach at the hotel. We will be firing up the stove in the palapa to make dinner and hope the mosquitos and no-see-ums that plague the beach right at dusk don't follow our amigos to town.

If so, we have some heavy duty fans to blow them out of town.

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