February 24, 2012

Sayulita, Sasha and life in el rancho Arroyo Seco

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - We spent three fun days in Sayulita with amigos Michael and Karen Schamel of Hector NY before waving goodbye to them Tuesday.

They came south to escape the cold winter of upstate NY, but the last week here, it was not exactly a tropical paradise. We had high winds, two solid days of rain, and much cooler than normal temperatures.

Still, we all had a great time. The scale in the palapa confirmed it when I weighed myself earlier.

In Sayulita, a very cool surfing town 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, we were lucky enough to get Sasha Fox to visit for an afternoon. She played on the beach, walked about town, and had lunch with us at a small restaurant that caters to all ages.

Sasha got to spend a short time with a four-year-old amiga in Sayulita - Sofia - whom she will likely see more of in a couple of weeks when we head north to Nuevo Vallarta to spend two weeks in a beachside condo, three days of which will also involve racing in the Banderas Bay Regatta about amigo Clarence Harvey's yacht 'Lotus.'

This will be the third race for us aboard Lotus and this year, we hope, we will take honors.

Clarence hopes so, too, I bet.

THE Schamels had barely left Mexico when the weather did improve some with temperatures back up to near 80 and the winds seem to have dropped to a steady 5-10 knots.

This morning Admiral Fox and I took only the second walk to the beach of the entire season, walking down to Playa Chica to check on the lagoon, birds and surf.

I also did a mosquito check. And yes, there were plenty around the lagoon.

ON THE WAY back, my stomach started to do the 'I-just-exercised' rumble and so Admiral Fox quickly made some salsa for my refried-bean molletes. I added some tomatoes, cucumbers and assorted nuts for great breakfast - without a single animal protein in the mix.

Now if I can just get the internet to cooperate to send this...

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