February 18, 2012

A four-wheeling adventure across the El Tecuan beach

EL TECUAN, Jalisco, Mexico - While Karen and Sylvia went shopping in La Manzanilla Friday, Mike Schamel and I (with her highness la perra Mia) took off on the quad to seek out some beach restaurants down near a residence known as Shang-ri-la.

We left hotel on the beach in Arroyo Seco and immediately discovered that the easy-access road to get to the El Tecuan side of the beach had dissolved into mostly rubble and looked almost impassable.

And so we took the scenic tour around a small lake and up through the now falling down Hotel Tecuan.

At one time, it was the place to visit. Now it's a hulk in need of serious help.

We arrived at the other end of the laguna and beach only to find that on that end, we were blocked by a river of water pouring out. It looked like it was about three feet deep and given how fast it was going, it was beyond the quad's ability to ford.

And on reflection, we decided even walking through it might be risky business.

We could clearly see the restaurants and perhaps in a week or so the ocean will reclaim the beach and close the notch the way it was last year.

The river, a little too deep to ford

Captain Mike Schamel taking some photos

Restaurants across the laguna

Princessa Mia, very happy to be out on the beach

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